From our heritage heart to our handmade soles, Piedàterre is synonymous with Venezia. We are the original and authentic Venetian slipper ‘Friulane’ specialists, pouring decades of Italian ingenuity and world-class craftsmanship into our artisan velvet shoes. Each pair is still handmade in the homes of our community of craftspeople and continues to be one of the most enduring icons of la dolce vita.

The traditional Venetian slipper was born in the 19th Century north of Veneto, in Friuli, where, during a period of post-war necessity, Italian families began to stitch together sumptuous velvet curtains from closed theatres and flattened bicycle tyres to make new shoes with genius and flair. Though resourceful, the slippers were beautiful works of craftsmanship, stitched passionately by the region’s women with precision, skill and purpose to put shoes on the feet of their neighbours and loved ones.

The slippers quickly found a captive audience in cosmopolitan Venice and its influx of visitors. Versatile, chic and - crucially - non-slip, the design was perfect for navigating the city’s cobbled streets. In 1952, a dreaming businessman and his cart full of handmade slippers took a spot on the historic Rialto Bridge. Piedàterre was born. Fuelled by a swathe of enchanted shoppers, the cart remained faithfully in place for 40 years, before the doors of the Piedàterre Rialto store swung open to become the first store in Venice dedicated solely to the historic slipper.

Today Piedàterre slippers are a symbol of la dolce vita across the world, bringing understated chic and a timeless sensibility to contemporary wardrobes from Piazza San Marco aperitivos to New York red carpets and Amalfi Coast sunsets. Each pair is unique, crafted to the highest quality from 100% natural cotton velvet and hand-stitched by our network of Italian craftspeople.

Our historic Rialto store and our Campo Santo Stefano flagship remain Venice’s original shops, focused solely on the traditional Venetian slipper. Every shelf explodes with colour.

Timeless and 100% made in Italy, Piedàterre’s slippers continue to be our ode to the ingenious Italian spirit that forever finds beauty wherever it looks.